Monday, 12 July 2010


No More Love Poem

by Daniel de Culla.

"..... Ander her picture when she cut her wrists and so the kid saw the picture and his prick went Whoop Whoop Whoop,,,"

- Trantino. The Great Blafigria Is.

"… For I dream I know not how¡
And my soul is sorely shaken
Lest an evil step be taken,
-Lest the dead who is forsaken
May not be happy now."

- Edgar Allan Poe. The Bridal Ballad.

Please Stop.
I don’t want falling in Love
& being pretty smart
O mamma mia.
When the Train is Gone
I throwed in motion:
I don’t hit the nail on the head¡

I’m going wild against the Wall
Slap-up meal.
My brain’s been fucked
When yr love is come
Toot toot
Damn bitch ate my dog.

Then haulin’s yr Ass:
Love is a silly thing
Fancying that
All over the place
And to die
Of a broken Heart, ja, ja ja.

Hey captain¡ Hey captain¡
My arm chaplain is incapable.
Hey Captain¡ Hey Captain¡
I think we’re gonna cum
In the twinkling of an eye:
The end of the love
Lies inside you¡

Do you know Do you see:
All lovers are Rapier pigs
bastard Gentlemen of rape
Looking out at all rissoles
In the churches’ streets
& saying:
"let me darkle
Or let me daze".

With Langston Huges’ motto
As we live and learn:
"Dig and be dug
In return"

No more Love Poem
Darky Vampire.
Carry me to Yr Black Ritual
Of bloody Love
Leaning lip-poised.
We tremble to receive
The darky fucking Eucharistic

To touch Perceive
Touch Explore
And yet with utmost Sinful care
Slide Melt

The shit Cock
And Chicken
In the head of lustful night
Carry me.

Daniel de Culla.
Poet & Writer.
Painter & Photographer.
Member of the Spanish Writers Association.
Founder and Editor of the reviews of BodyArt, Art and Culture GALLO TRICOLOR, and ROBESPIERRE.
He participates in Cultural Acts of Theatre and Performance. He’s living between Burgos, Madrid and North Hollywood.
He's done performances in Madrid and Burgos. And North Hollywood.
Member of The Creative Thinkers.
Member of The Australian Haiku Society.

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