Sunday, 26 July 2009


Shoot Notes

by Jayson Densman

RAPE SCENE: flash images! No framing > CU/INSERTS. Q-dissolve post. Pulse audio, rhythmic or eccentric beats. (sub punch?) POST NOTE: B&W?

PG X-ROOM SET-UP: Flash images of Party Girl setting up the room (plugging in boom box, dragging in the keg, stringing the party lights, turning on Lava Lamp, etc.). To be interlaced with intro or other sequence.

MOTEL MAN TYPING: various angles of fingers on keyboard to validate V.O. ALSO, CU’s of face washing and looking into the mirror (a moment of post-refection). POST NOTE: B&W?

PHYSICAL CONCERNS of X-ROOM: A & B differentials.

APPX 70% superior angles on PG for the kills and pre-kill movement(s). 30% consideration of oppressive stance. VICTIMS supine and profile angles after kills.

AFTER END CREDIT ROLL: MED CU on PG bursting her head out the KILL ROOM DOOR and staring at us for 15 seconds and then slams the door shut to continue her work. OR: after she looks at us, she disappears with the door cracked open.

WEAPONS & WOUNDS: check lighting intensities and coloring for the kills. Lots of contrast! Need a fucking squeezer!

Contrast LM testing before each kill. 10-30 desirable, augmented diffusion pending (wax paper/D-sheet). Grain target 22%.10% opaque organic volume on-set, the rest adjusted in post. Need a goddamned Lumisphere!


Monitor for AC room. 50’ RCA cable (BNC adaptor?)

Down angle at some point in a kill. Pulley from Pat.

RAPTURE shot of PG in total immersion. Get a few angles on this and play with the lighting.

Fuck anything that gets in the way of a creative shot. NOTE: bring industrial size aural/responsive KY as to lube opponent, as opposed to a raw fuck or boring and predictable verbal spanking(s). No need for bad flack.

LISTEN CLOSELY to all shot influences, organic or spiritual. No discrimination! Only astral elevation!

Jayson Densman is a Dallas, Tx-based film-director, responsible for birthing Jeremy C. Shipp's "EGG", a film that you really ought to see. He has just been up for 77 hrs non-stop last weekend filming the main multiple-murder section of "Party Girl" - another film that you really should check. It's probably not a good idea to wake him up right now.

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